Carpet is a classic and timeless choice for those who like the luxurious feel of a soft surface underfoot. We offer a full range of pure wool and synthetic products to suit your space, budget and the look you are aiming to achieve. We have an extensive range of samples we can bring to your home so that you can choose the best product for your home.

Carpets are available in a wide range of styles and textures which provide an exciting palette from which you can select the most appropriate accompaniment to your décor.

Choose from the following styles of tufted carpet:

Loop Pile

A loop pile carpet takes its name from the way in which the carpet pile is “looped”. The looped construction creates a durable texture that does not readily retain signs of footprints or other indentations.
Loop pile carpets offer a choice of sculptured looks. Level loop carpets have loops of uniform length and an even appearance. Textured loops present a visual pattern of varying heights and weights. Other popular loop carpet styles include; sisal, cord and multilevel loop.

Cut Pile (Plush)

Cut pile plush carpet comprises dense, twisted fibres that create a luxurious finish and velvet-like texture. This effect is achieved by slicing the tops from the loops, which ensures they stand upright and form an even, level surface. Plushes tend to be more subjected to pile reversal or water marking.

Cut Pile (Twist)

Cut pile twist is similar to cut pile plush in that the tops of the loops are removed to form an even surface. The use of taut, tightly twisted yarn gives the resultant carpet a crisp, more textured appearance. Signs of footsteps, tracking and shading are minimised by this durable, heavily textured style.

Cut and Loop

This style combines the cut loops of cut pile and the full loops of loop pile, thus creating a sculptured appearance. The modern look and soft feel is popular in both commercial and residential contemporary interiors.


When you choose a wool carpet you are selecting a natural fibre that’s not only renewable and sustainable, but naturally beautiful and luxurious underfoot. From the comfort of allergen inhibition to practical advantages such as form resilience and stain resistance, a quality wool carpet will complement any décor, adding a luxurious elegance for years to come.


Resisting the growth of irritants like bacteria, moulds and mildew, wool also traps potential allergens, removing them from the air you breathe

Stain resistent

The structure of woollen fibres is stain resistant and slow to absorb moisture – qualities that also make it easy to clean.


With a crimped fibre that springs back into shape, wool carpets wear gracefully, retaining their resilience and luxurious soft feel underfoot


The acoustic properties of wool help keep rooms quieter by absorbing airborne noise and reducing its transmission through floors


Trapping air in its fibres, wool is a natural insulator, keeping rooms warmer in winter and cooler in summer

Low flammability

Wool will not readily melt or burn when exposed to heat or flame


Solution Dyed Nylon | Polypropylene | Polyester

The quality of a carpet is a reflection of the weight and type of fibre used in its manufacture. The properties of the fibre determine the appearance, feel and durability of the finished carpet. Wool and synthetic fibres and blends of both are the most common fibres available in readymade carpets.

Synthetic fibres such as Solution Dyed Nylon (SDN), Polypropylene and Polyester offer different performance characteristics.


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